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I recently wrapped production on Hobart and William Smith Colleges production of Macbeth directed by Chris Hatch in which I played Lady Macbeth. The show presented fun and interesting challenges as there was a minimal set andthe show was in the round. 
Along with acting in Macbeth I also was the co-choreographer and fight captain for this show.  This show being in the round presented an interesting challenge stage combat wise, as fights had to be viewable and believable from anywhere in the theatre. Another interesting challenge with this production was working with out child actor and figuring out ways to incorporate him into the fights while still keeping it safe and believable. I enjoyed working with our child actor a lot and working all of these fights. All of these challenges made 

Recent Work

This last January I was fortunate enough to spend three weeks in Bali Indonesia studying Balinese dance and art forms at Mekar Bhuana. I was instructed in the traditional dance forms of Bali and the culture and religion that is so closely tied into that art. I learned ways of moving and storytelling that I was completely unaware of before and aided me in viewing theatre and myself as a performer. I grew more as a performer than I thought possible in three weeks. This trip helped me realize that work that I do should be work that pleases me and feeds me artistically.It helped me  see that 
Macbeth Fights

Macbeth Fights

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Lady Macbeth
Co-Choreographer Macbeth
 Performing in the round was a new and dynamic way for me to explore the words of Shakespeare.  I had an incredible time playing in this show and look forward to being able to do more Shakespeare and more work in the round in the future.
building the fights an extremely rewarding and exciting process. I am looking forward to choreographing more fights in the future.

Evie Hatch

the work you as an artist put out should be work that you are proud to put into the world. It should be work that you feel fully represents you as an artist, and you are proud to put your artistic stamp on. This trip also showed me how important stretching the artistic horizon is for me as an artist. I hope to be able to continue going past that horizon for many years to come. 
Indonesian Dance
Mosaic NY
"Mosaic NY is devoted to creating and performing works of theatre that promote dialogue, develop community, celebrate diversity, and encourage the active pursuit of social justice. Mosaic NY believes that theatre provides an ideal forum for exploring diversity and social justice by engaging audiences and performers in an empathetic and imaginative exploration of shared narrative." 
In my Sophomore year of college I was accepted into the Mosaic NY theatre company. Throughout my year in 
this company my fellow company members and I devised and performed pieces that promoted social dialogue. The year challenged and pushed me in ways that changed me as an artist and as a person. Up until that point in my life the only theatre I had experienced had been very mainstream and conventional, I was not aware that theatre could exist in any other form. Being in this company was a defining moment for me as a theatre artist, I discovered that I could make the kind of art I wanted to make and put out the messages that I wanted to put out into the world. 
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