Originally from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and a recent graduate from William Smith College in Geneva, New York and currently back in Jackson for the 18-19 winter season. I apparently enjoy very long cold winters as is evidenced by my choice in places to live. Throughout my childhood these harsh winters fostered a love of the outdoors and athletics that I continue to try and feed whenever I can.
I recently found stage combat and attended the 2017 National Stage Combat Workshop with the Society of American Fight Directors. I have discovered that stage combat is a perfect mix of my athleticism and theatre skills. I feel extremely fortunate that I have been able to take the things that I love and find a place where they intersect. 
Growing up in the mountains I began skiing at an early age and raced competitively for over ten years, the fearlessness and perseverance I gained from those years is something that stays with me in all aspects of my life to this day.
Throughout my years of racing my favorite part was the camaraderie that came with being a part of a team of closely knit individuals.  I am  looking to recreate that

About Me

camaraderie and support in every new project I take on and hope that those I meet are also looking to create positive and supportive environments where everyone can do their best work.
  Projects that include my theatre, stage combat skills and  are of great interest and I would love the opportunity to be apart of any project that allows me to explore the relationship between the two more. What’s next for me you ask? Well, I will be attending the 2018 Winter Wonderland stage combat workshop in Chicago and the 2018 URTAS auditions! Stay tuned for more info and hopefully I will see you there!

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